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More than 3000 types of oil seals

Widely used in automobiles, small household appliances, engineering mines, printing, transportation and other industries.

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Accepting samples to customize various complex seals, products are widely used in various models, covering machinery and equipment in various industries, mining, printing, transportation, etc.

MEKAuto Parts Co., Ltd.

MEK Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Yuyao Precision Oil Seal Factory, is located in Yuyao, Zhejiang, a famous state with a long history. Play a role as

China rubber oil seal manufacturers and wholesale O ring industrial oil seal suppliers

. Founded in 1989, the company is an enterprise integrating high-quality seal design, production and sales various type of oil seals.

Under the leadership of the company’s founder, Mr. Xu Zhiqiang, the company has continued to develop and grow. Its products are exported to more than 40 countries including Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Malaysia

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Our products are exported to more than 40 countries

Choosing the right pneumatic seal for your application: tips and tricks

When it comes to selecting the right pneumatic seal for your application, there are a number of factors to consider. The right seal can help ensure optimal performance, reduce downtime, and extend the life of your equipment. Here are some tips and tricks to help you choose the right pneumatic seal f...

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Automotive oil seals: the unsung heroes of your car's engine

Automotive oil seals may not be the most glamorous or well-known component of your car's engine, but they play a crucial role in keeping your vehicle running smoothly. These small, often-overlooked parts serve as barriers to prevent oil from leaking out of the engine and into other areas where it ca...

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The importance of bearing cap seals in industrial machinery

Bearing cap seals are an essential component in industrial machinery, as they play a crucial role in ensuring the reliable and efficient operation of rotating equipment. These seals are responsible for preventing the ingress of contaminants such as dirt, dust, and water into the bearing assembly, wh...

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The importance of choosing the right pneumatic seal for your application

Pneumatic seals are essential components used in various industrial applications to prevent air leakage and protect machinery from dust, dirt, and other contaminants. These seals are critical to the efficiency, safety, and longevity of the equipment they are used in, which is why selecting the right...

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Understanding the Importance of Small Appliance Oil Seals for Effective Functioning

Small appliances have become an essential part of our daily lives. From blenders and coffee makers to toasters and juicers, these appliances make our lives easier and more convenient. However, the proper functioning of small appliances is highly dependent on the quality and efficiency of their com...

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Understanding the Role of Mechanical Oil Seals in Industrial Applications

Mechanical oil seals are a critical component in a wide range of industrial applications, from manufacturing and construction to agriculture and transportation. These seals help to prevent the leakage of fluids, such as oil, from one part of a machine or vehicle to another, thus protecting critical ...

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Mechanical Oil Seal: A Critical Component for Reliable Machinery

Mechanical oil seals play a vital role in keeping machinery running smoothly and efficiently. These seals are typically used to prevent the leakage of lubricants or other fluids, while also keeping out contaminants such as dirt and dust.  What is a Mechanical Oil Seal? A mechanical oil seal is a ...

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Industrial Crankshaft Oil Seals: A Vital Component in Industrial Engines

An industrial crankshaft oil seal, also known as a main bearing seal, is a crucial component in the operation of industrial engines. Its main function is to prevent oil leaks in the engine, which can cause damage to the engine and reduce its efficiency. In this article, we will discuss the importa...

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The Importance of Industrial Crankshaft Oil Seals: Protecting Engine Performance

Introduction: In industrial machinery and vehicles, the crankshaft is a critical component that converts the reciprocating motion of the pistons into rotational motion. To ensure proper engine performance and longevity, it is important to protect the crankshaft from oil leaks, dust, and debris. On...

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The Importance of Oil Seals in Your Car: A Comprehensive Guide

Oil seals play a critical role in maintaining the health of your car's engine. They are designed to keep oil and other fluids in, while keeping dirt, dust, and other contaminants out.  Types of Oil Seals: Crankshaft seals: These seals are located at the front and rear of the crankshaft, and they ...

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The Importance and Functionality of Pneumatic Seals

Pneumatic seals, also known as air seals, are an essential component in a wide range of industrial and manufacturing systems. They are used to seal off pressurized air and gases in order to prevent leaks and maintain the efficiency of the system. Pneumatic seals are commonly used in pneumatic syst...

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Small Appliance Oil Seals: The Importance of Maintaining Proper Sealing in Your Household Appliances

Small appliance oil seals are an essential component in many household appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, and vacuum cleaners. These seals help to prevent the leakage of oil and other fluids from the mechanical components of the appliance, ensuring proper functioning and prolonging t...

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