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MEKAuto Parts Co., Ltd.

MEK Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Yuyao Precision Oil Seal Factory, is located in Yuyao, Zhejiang, a famous state with a long history. Play a role as

China rubber oil seal manufacturers and wholesale O ring industrial oil seal suppliers

. Founded in 1989, the company is an enterprise integrating high-quality seal design, production and sales various type of oil seals.

Under the leadership of the company’s founder, Mr. Xu Zhiqiang, the company has continued to develop and grow. Its products are exported to more than 40 countries including Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Malaysia

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Our products are exported to more than 40 countries

Analysis of the influence of hydraulic oil on the performance of seals

What is hydraulic oil?Hydraulic oil lead is the hydraulic medium used in the hydraulic system that utilizes the liquid pressure energy.For hydraulic oil, first of all, it should meet the requirements of the hydraulic device on the viscosity of the liquid at the working temperature and the starting t...

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Introduction of rubber O-ring plane static seal

Plastic and rubber appear to be two distinct substances or materials, but they are not, they are different representations of the same substance. They are all high molecular polymers and can be converted into each other under certain temperature conditions. This transition temperature is the glass t...

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Leak-free hydraulic seals

The hydraulic systems of wind power plants sometimes work under very high pressure. In order to ensure the absolute sealing of the high-pressure hydraulic system, the following standard components are used to form a hydraulic sealing system with extremely high sealing performance: DSF main seal with...

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Technical data and selection method of O-ring

O-ring is a kind of rubber ring with a circular cross-section. Because its cross-section is O-shaped, it is called an O-ring. It is the most widely used one in hydraulic and pneumatic transmission systems.O-rings are annular rubber seals with a circular cross-section. They are mainly used for mechan...

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How to replace the mechanical seal in the sand mill

The poor sealing of the mechanical seal of the horizontal sand mill will directly lead to the leakage of the material when the machine is grinding materials. Therefore, the horizontal sand mill should pay attention to regularly check the sealing of the mechanical seal in the daily work and use, and ...

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Key points of use of seals

(1) Select the appropriate seal material and hydraulic oil, as well as the adaptability to the working temperature and the compatibility of the oil.(2) The geometric position accuracy (concentricity) of the sliding parts relative to the seal is high, the material is good (such as hard chrome plating...

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The role of car oil seal

Automobile oil seal is a mechanical component used to seal grease (oil is a common liquid substance in the transmission system, and also generally refers to a general liquid substance). Oil leakage.What is the function of the car oil seal?1. Prevent sediment, dust, moisture, etc. from intruding into...

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How to ensure the installation quality of mechanical seals

First of all, we need to figure out what is a mechanical seal. In fact, it is an oil seal device for a rotating machine. It is a pair or more than a pair of end faces perpendicular to the rotation axis. The effect of fluid pressure and the elastic force (or magnetic force) of the compensation mechan...

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The role of various sealing rings

The V-shaped sealing ring is an elastic rubber sealing ring acting in the axial direction, which is used as a pressureless seal for the rotating shaft. The sealing lip has good mobility and adaptability, can compensate for large tolerances and angular deviations, can prevent the internal grease or o...

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The reasonable use of high temperature oil seals needs to pay attention to these matters!

Oil seal is also known as oil protection ring. It is irreplaceable in the rotating parts of automobiles. In order to use it more reasonably, Yuyao Ermei Auto Parts Co., Ltd recommends that you should pay attention to these matters when using high temperature oil seals.1. Shaft speed: Due to the desi...

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Installation and use of high speed oil seal

High-speed oil seal is an indispensable non-metal part in transmission parts. Yuyao Liumei Auto Parts Co., Ltd. shares its installation and use so that customers in need can make further understanding.As there is an oil film controlled by the car oil seals edge between the oil seal and the shaft, th...

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Installation of car oil seal

The automobile oil seal is a mechanical component used to seal grease. It isolates the parts that need to be lubricated in the transmission parts from the output parts, so as not to leak the lubricating oil. The seals used for static seals and dynamic seals (generally reciprocating motion) are calle...

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