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How to replace the mechanical seal in the sand mill

May 31,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
The poor sealing of the mechanical seal of the horizontal sand mill will directly lead to the leakage of the material when the machine is grinding materials. Therefore, the horizontal sand mill should pay attention to regularly check the sealing of the mechanical seal in the daily work and use, and also know How to replace the mechanical seal.

How to replace the mechanical seal in the sand mill
1. Remove the cylinder;

2. Remove the dispersing pan assembly and remove the screen.

3. Clean the shaft with solvent, and remove the front end cover and discharge cover of the cylinder.

4. Remove the two elastic rubber hoses and remove the discharge tray.

5. Remove the sealing ring. When removing the sealing ring, remember not to use gravity and to bump into.

6. When all parts are removed, the gasket and bearing protection device must be cleaned carefully, especially the moving ring and static ring to ensure that they are spotless.

7. Reassemble the mechanical seal.

8. Install the bearing protector.

9. Fit the springs into the holes in the bearing protector and stick with a little grease to keep them in place.

10. Install the washer and O-ring seal on the shaft, then install the moving ring, make the washer rest against the small spring, and check whether the O-ring is installed correctly, and whether the pin of the bearing protector has passed the gasket and the moving ring seat. hole.

11. Install the tray and check that it is in the correct position.

12. Then connect the rubber tube.

13. Install the front end of the cylinder on the machine base and check whether the position of the scraper is completely in the middle position, otherwise it should be adjusted to the middle.

14. Assemble the screen and dispersing disc on the shaft.

15. Turn the shaft by hand to keep a gap of 0.4mm between the inner scraper and the outer scraper.

16. Install the barrel and check the position of the lubricating fluid is correct.

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