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Hydraulic cylinder sealing ring sealing process

Nov 17,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
As we all know, the sealing ring plays a vital role in the entire hydraulic cylinder. Different seals have different sealing properties. Traditional seals and combined seals have their own advantages and disadvantages. In actual use, our designers need to use different seals reasonably according to the different working conditions of the hydraulic cylinder to achieve reasonable sealing performance.
According to the test situation of the Yx sealing ring for the shaft, we can divide the entire sealing process into the following four areas.

1. Sub-sealed state. When the pressure increases in a lower range, the medium leakage in the gap between the Yx sealing ring and the piston rod is also very small, almost zero.
2. Seal the hollow state. As the pressure in the hydraulic cylinder continues to increase, the leakage in the gap between the sealing ring and the rod will suddenly increase, making the entire sealing system enter a sealed cavity state, but this state will not last long.
3. Sealed state. When the pressure in the hydraulic cylinder continues to increase, the lip of the Yx sealing ring will open, reducing the gap between the seal and the piston rod, reducing the leakage of the medium, and making the hydraulic cylinder enter a sealed state. This state is generally hydraulic The effective working state of the cylinder. This state will not be broken until the work pressure changes again.
4. Seal failure state. When the hydraulic cylinder enters the normal working pressure, the pressure in the cylinder will generally not increase, but it is not ruled out that the external factors will make the pressure in the hydraulic cylinder continue to rise on the basis of the normal working pressure. At this time, a large amount of medium in the hydraulic cylinder will leak out. The sealing performance will be permanently lost. After this situation occurs, new seals must be replaced in time to effectively ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic cylinder.
The combination of traditional shaft Yx seals and shaft seals has produced very impressive results.
Each seal in the composite sealing system exerts its own unique sealing properties. After composite use, the two seals compensate for each other's shortcomings, so that the original sealing cavity state disappears or reduces, and The pressure rating is increased and the effective service life of the sealing system is extended.

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