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Technical data and selection method of O-ring

Jun 08,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
O-ring is a kind of rubber ring with a circular cross-section. Because its cross-section is O-shaped, it is called an O-ring. It is the most widely used one in hydraulic and pneumatic transmission systems.

O-rings are annular rubber seals with a circular cross-section. They are mainly used for mechanical parts to prevent leakage of liquid and gaseous media under static conditions. In some cases, O-rings can also be used for axial reciprocating motion and dynamic sealing elements with low-speed rotary motion. According to different conditions, different materials can be selected to suit it.

O-rings are usually selected to use large-section o-rings as much as possible. In the case of the same gap, the volume of the o-rings squeezed into the gap should be less than the maximum allowable value to be squeezed into.

For different types of fixed sealing or dynamic sealing applications, O-rings provide designers with an effective and economical sealing element. The o-ring is a double acting sealing element. The initial compression in radial or axial aspects upon installation, imparts the initial sealing capability of the o-ring itself. The sealing force generated by the system pressure and the initial sealing force are combined into the total sealing force, which increases with the increase of the system pressure. O-rings play a prominent role in static sealing applications. However, o-rings are also often used in dynamic appropriate applications, but are limited by the speed and pressure at the seal.

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