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The performance and treatment of mechanical seal end face leakage

Nov 09,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
The end face leakage of mechanical seal is mainly manifested as initial leakage, rough sealing surface and poor spring adaptability.
1. For initial leakage.
The dynamic and static rings are deformed, improper installation or use and storage, poor rigidity and structure of parts, insufficient running-in, impurities mixed in the mechanical sealing surface, surface scars on the dynamic and static rings, or the roughness and flatness of the sealing surface where the dynamic and static rings are located are not up to standard, etc. All of them will cause initial leakage at the position of the sealing end face. In this regard, the use and storage and handling methods can be improved, and the specific conditions of the installation force should be carefully inspected; during the use and storage, pay attention to the careful inspection of the manufacturing quality; Replace the treatment in time, and re-implement the processing and grinding operation; the surface of the mechanical seal is thoroughly cleaned, if necessary, it needs to be ground, and it needs to be fully run-in according to the requirements;

2. The sealing surface is too rough.
Most of the problems at this level are caused by insufficient lubrication or serious surface ablation, the combination of the same material or the mixing of impurities. In this regard, it is necessary to ensure sufficient supply of lubricating oil, and control the quality of lubricating oil; the seals need to be removed regularly and thoroughly cleaned, and the defective ablation materials should be replaced in time;
3. The spring adaptability is poor.
The spring is corroded or lacks sufficient elasticity, is broken or thinned, and there are potential design problems. The sealing end face is not in good contact, and the shaft sealing ring has a large resistance. The inability of the sealing ring to move or residual deformation, etc., will lead to poor adaptability, so that the end face of the sealing ring leaks, causing problems related to sealing failure.
In this regard, it is necessary to replace the processing spring in time, and attach great importance to the effective control of the spring material and the design level; reasonably adjust the balance value to ensure that the sealing surface is in a closed state, change the material, structure, and interference of the shaft seal to effectively control the frictional resistance. To the appropriate range, to avoid the sliding phenomenon of the sealing ring that is easily generated due to the dirt attached to the surface.

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