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What are the effects of lubricating oil and temperature on the use of skeleton oil seals

Sep 08,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
1. During the use of lubricating oil, not only the material itself will change, but also the additives that play a role in lubrication will also change. After the change and decomposition, heat, oxides, etc. will be generated. These decomposition products may have a great impact on the sealing material. impact, so this should also be considered.

2. Time and temperature can cause irreversible changes in the sealing material and lubricating oil itself and the role between them. At low temperature, the rubber material temporarily hardens, the viscosity of the lubricating oil temporarily increases, the main lip may leak, the seal ring will crack and abnormally wear, and this hardening phenomenon of the material will reduce the ability of the main lip to follow the shaft. Thereby low temperature leakage occurs.

The rubber body will also harden under continuous high temperature. The effect of shaft interference and pressure on the oil seal will also cause the contact surface between the rubber lip and the shaft to generate heat. Higher rotation speed and pressure will also cause the temperature of the main lip to rise, and make the lip contact surface and the lubricating oil. A large temperature difference is formed between them, so that the viscosity of the lubricating oil under the lip will change, and the sealing effect of the sealing ring will also be affected.

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