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Why does the mechanical seal of the water pump often leak?

Nov 01,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
Why does the mechanical seal of the water pump often leak? The main reasons are as follows:
1. The sealing surface of the dynamic ring or the static ring is deformed. The reasons that affect the deformation of the sealing surface include excessive heat caused by the increase of the pressure on the end surface of the part, improper pressure on the contact end surface, uneven force and structural rationality of the parts. missing, etc.;
2. Low sealing efficiency caused by external factors, including insufficient machining accuracy of the mechanical seal device, insufficient sealing performance of the sealing ring or the sealing element itself, or insufficient verticality between the sealing element and the contact surface, and low spring adjustment ability, etc. In addition, water pump equipment The state of the parts will also affect the effect of the mechanical seal;
3. Vibration and deflection force is too large;

4. Problems with auxiliary flushing system. If the pump has frequent leakage, it is necessary to adopt effective installation and maintenance strategies. First of all, it is necessary to strengthen the control of the specific pressure of the contact surface. Generally speaking, it is more reasonable to control it at 0.03 to 0.6. Confirm that the compression amount is controlled at about 2mm.
In addition, it is necessary to select manufacturers with relatively high quality and precision in the production and processing of mechanical parts to provide mechanical sealing devices. During the installation of the mechanical seal device, the axial channeling of the water pump in the water supply plant should be controlled within 0.5mm.
Finally, scientific system design and component installation should be carried out for mechanical seals that require auxiliary flushing systems.

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